Hearing loss

How can I convince a loved one to get their hearing tested?

Be a booster for better hearing

It is difficult to encourage someone with hearing loss to get the help they need without first getting them to acknowledge they have hearing issues.

Here are five tips to be a great advocate for a friend or loved one with hearing loss.

  1. Instead of pushing them to get help or overwhelming them with hearing aid pamphlets and articles on hearing loss, let them come to you when they are ready. Everyone eventually reaches a point at which help is the only option left, so give them time to come to terms with their hearing loss and be ready to help when they ask for it.
  2. Don’t talk at them about hearing loss, talk with them. Let them know you are there to listen and encourage them to be open about difficulties they may be facing.
  3. When you notice them blaming their hearing issues on other things (people mumbling, it’s windy, it’s loud, etc.), politely suggest that they should have their hearing checked, just in case. If they get defensive and say no, let it go and try again at a later time. Be patient and pick your moments wisely. It’s better to mention their loss every now and then instead of all the time.
  4. If you have acquaintances who have hearing loss or wear hearing aids, consider introducing them to each other. Sometimes it takes someone else with hearing loss to help a person see how much he or she is really struggling and how much getting help could improve their life.
  5. Remind them that they can test their hearing quickly, painlessly and for free online at starkey.com.

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