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Kids discover so much when they're engaged, confident and happy. And you open your child's world a little wider when you help them hear better.

Kids and hearing loss

Starkey has pediatric-friendly products and program offerings designed to help you tackle your child's hearing loss head-on. If your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, or maybe you have noticed a potential problem, it's important to seek help from a hearing professional as soon as possible. Studies show that early intervention can help improve language development, increase academic success and enhance lifetime opportunities.1

  • Speech development – Hearing sounds as clearly and distinctly as possible is the key to developing speech. When children experience a full, rich range of sounds all day long, they have a better grasp of both complex language and the world around them.
  • Social development – It might seem obvious, but it's easier to make friends and be part of the group when you can hear the other kids – and confidence to participate or lead comes from being able to hear well.
  • Different ages have different hearing needs – The primary goal for babies and toddlers is for them to hear and process the widest possible range of sounds. But when a child starts school, noise management and directional processing become much more important. With Starkey hearing aids, you get features designed to accommodate a range of ages. Your hearing professional will enable the features that are appropriate for your child.
  • Hearing loss and school – Kids learn better when they can hear the teacher. Most school districts provide an FM system for children with hearing loss. An FM system is like a one-way radio. The teacher wears a small microphone, and a receiver is plugged into the back of the child's hearing aid so he or she can hear everything the teacher says without having to worry about the classroom noise interfering.
  • Working with your hearing professional – Your hearing professional is your partner and resource in your child's hearing journey. They can provide both general information about hearing loss as well as testing and product recommendations specific for your child's needs.

Starkey hearing aids

Starkey hearing aids are not just any hearing aids, because these are not just any ears. Starkey's leadership is built on an evidence-based design approach: every innovation we make must first be proven to deliver a better hearing experience for our patients.

For your child, this means outstanding performance: such as smart technology that is designed to identify and amplify important sounds like speech; and sturdy features specifically designed to take whatever kids can dish out.

Feedback Control

Best-in-class comprehensive feedback management system.

Speech Optimization

Our proprietary multi-segment compression architecture combines speech audibility and overall comfort.


Reduces circuit noise over a wider range of input levels providing a high-fidelity listening experience regardless of the level of background noise.


Noise reduction algorithm designed to provide supreme comfort for wind noise.

Surface Nanoshield

Coated on components, cases and Hear Clear wax traps, Surface Nanoshield gives hearing aid wearers next-generation moisture and wax repellent to ensure reliability and durability.

Colored earmolds

For most children, especially young ones, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most appropriate option for their hearing loss. To keep up with kids' rapid growth, they get new earmolds once or twice a year but will keep the same BTE for several years. Boost your child's confidence by letting them pick their favorite colors for earmolds.


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