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Muse iQ allows one to be present in a moment or situation that involves a sense of immersion, enabling you to feel connected to the sounds you miss during the moments that matter most. Now available with the convenience of the industry's smartest rechargeable solution.

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    Muse iQ delivers

  • You want

    To hear comfortably in challenging environments

    Muse iQ delivers

    Acuity™ Immersion Directionality, designed to restore natural benefits provided by the ear and improve speech audibility in difficult listening situations.

  • You want

    A rechargeable hearing aid solution

    Muse iQ delivers

    A rechargeable option that delivers continuous, stable power to ensure your hearing aids are always ready for use.*

    *Rechargeable hearing solutions are available with rechargeable RIC.

  • You want

    Better wireless streaming

    Muse iQ delivers

    Technology that provides consistent wireless performance while streaming cell phones, TV, music and other media with SurfLink Mini Mobile and other SurfLink accessories.

  • You want

    A comfortable, personalized listening experience

    Muse iQ delivers

    Capabilities that speed your transition to hearing aids with gradual adjustments, distortion-free listening in noise, and ultimate clarity for soft sounds.

  • You want

    No buzzing or whistling

    Muse iQ delivers

    Our best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all-day long.

  • You want

    Durable, dependable hearing aids

    Muse iQ delivers

    Surface™ NanoShield, our pioneering water, wax and moisture repellent system, to protect and ensure durability and dependability.

  • You want

    Music the way it was meant to be heard

    Muse iQ delivers

    A design that allows you to experience music in a whole new way. Now you can hear every note the way the artist intended — with pure, refined sound quality.

  • You want

    Customizable tinnitus relief

    Muse iQ delivers

    Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into the hearing aids to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids


Our best-in-class Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids are small, long lasting and you’ll always be ready to go. Learn more

Mini Turbo Charger


Mini Turbo Charger provides a full 3.5 hours of use with just a quick, seven-minute charge and your hearing aids will be fully charged in under three hours. And when the Mini Turbo is fully charged, you can charge your hearing aids four times. For use with Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids only.

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